online casino blacklistCasinoFisher keeps a blacklist. We test many online casinos, and not all of them work equally well. Some casinos are not only bad but also unreliable. We put such casinos to place where they must be - the blacklist or the blacklist of online casinos.

Of course, we do not deal lightly with this. But why do we do this if we could just exclude those unreliable casinos from our site? The reason is that all of them are available for New Zeland players. And we want to warn our players: stay away from unreliable casinos even if you play somewhere else, not only at CasinoFisher.

So read our casino reviews before playing anywhere to know for sure that you play only at reliable online casinos.

There are various reasons for blacklisting an online casino. We explain them below.

Online Casinos That Do not Pay

Gambling is exciting and fun. Especially if you win. However, the fun is quickly over if an online casino does not pay out your prize money. There can be different causes for this. Sometimes unreliable casinos use the conditions. Often these types of online casinos apply strict or even unreasonable conditions. Sometimes casinos that cannot be trusted also interpret their own terms and conditions in a rather free manner.

Or the unreliable casino tries to frustrate you with endless identification procedures. New documents must always be sent, and every time it takes a long time. Some casinos even require documents certified by a notary or lawyer for prize money of a few hundred dollars. The cost of these documents is soon more than your winning.

Casinos That Are Short of Cash

Some casinos are completely unreliable, but some casinos want to pay, but simply cannot. Thanks to ready-made white label platforms, it has become much easier to start an online casino.

Some online casinos do not have enough money in cash to pay out all the winnings. If a large prize falls, then payment problems arise immediately everywhere. CasinoFisher keeps an eye on this.

It is no use to play at an online casino that cannot pay a large prize. That is why we also warn you about these online casinos. These are not necessarily online casinos of evil will, but receiving your winning on time is uncertain. And that is not the intention. You pay the bet all at once, so you have the right to receive your prize money promptly.

Casinos That Mislead and / or Collaborate with Spammers

Unsolicited spam. In your mailbox, there are enough spam messages that you have not requested and for which you have no idea why you received them. Some online casinos buy and sell lists of gambler data. The people on this list are then bombarded with emails. CasinoFisher is committed to privacy. That is why you are warned against online casinos that sell your data to third parties and online casinos that purchase privacy-sensitive data.

Misleading advertising is often the result of a bad or unreliable product. After all, if they were good and reliable, people could end up with correct information and advertising. If news or advertisements from a casino are not to be trusted, then the casino is not either. That is why we also place online casinos that publish fake news stories, hoaxes about jackpots, and misleading advertising on our blacklist.

Casinos That Collaborate with Criminals

Passing on data to spammers is annoying, but your data in the hands of criminals is, of course, even worse. A risk is, for example, the risk of identity fraud. If criminals hold your financial details and a copy of your passport, they can use it to commit identity fraud.

Another reason to blacklist these casinos is that by playing at these online casinos, you are maintaining crime. Thieves steal things because people are willing to buy stolen things. And hackers continue to hack because some online casinos are ready to keep paying for it.

Hundreds of thousands of websites have been hacked for a few years. Often websites of schools, charities, companies, etc. In short: well-meaning and hard-working people. Their website is messed up because hackers break into the website and spam this website with advertisements for (often dubious) casinos.

We recommend you to stay away from casinos that participate in this.