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GUTS was established in 2013 and immediately secured a solid place in the online casino market. The reason for this rapid success? Reliability, customer-friendliness, and a rock-solid range. With that holy trinity, you can get far as an online casino. GUTS is more than just an online casino: they offer sports betting, Live Betting and Poker.

Payouts are processed remarkably quickly by GUTS. The aim is to process every payment, no matter how big or small, within 2 hours. And that also applies to weekends.

Equally striking: GUTS has no recording limit. If you have won an amount of five or even six zeros, you can have this paid out at once, without the hassle of payment limits. It is no coincidence that many high rollers like to play at the online casino of GUTS: they get paid very quickly, and the VIP service of GUTS has an excellent reputation.

The design of GUTS casino is as beautiful as it is minimalist, with cool black and red colors and large graphics for the games.

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