What are the 10 Best Paying Pokies?

Many players prefer to choose the pokie that pays the best. Then CasinoFisher lists the 10 best paying slots for you. CasinoFisher can immediately reveal one thing: they are all online pokies. Any land-based pokie can not compete with the towering payout percentages of the best paying online pokies. Never mind pokies from the gambling hall or the Random Runner from the pub.

We have selected the highest paying pokies based on the payout percentage. The payout percentage is the percentage of the stake that a pokie pays out on average. It is essential to know that this average is calculated over millions of spins.

Reliable game providers such as NetEnt and Scientific Games have these payout percentages checked by independent specialists.

Only Pokies from Reliable Providers

CasinoFisher plays on for sure. That means that in this overview, you will only find online pokies from reliable game providers. The payout percentages in this overview have been determined and checked by independent and recognized specialists.

CasinoFisher has consciously made this choice. What good is a pokie that promises golden mountains, but does not live up to this? Right, nothing.

Therefore: the top 10 pokies that pay out the best. Tested and well. There is one casino where you can play the complete top 10 of best-paying pokies. This is RoyalSlots.

1. Spooky 5000 (Leander): 99.21%

The best paying pokie is Spooky 5000 from Leander. Spooky 5000 is a combination between the old fruit cupboard and a creepy horror story. You play with a fantastic payout percentage of 99.21 percent if you consistently play with the Ghost Meter when possible.

What are the 10 Best Paying Pokies? at CasinoFisher

Do you play without the Ghost Meter? Even then, Spooky 5000 is one of the best paying pokies. You then play with the still excellent payout percentage of 98.06%. The top prize on Spooky 5000 is very suitably $ 5,000.

2. Monopoly Big Event (Scientific Games): 99%

This sky-high payout percentage only applies if you play online at the Monopoly Big Event pokie and then again with the Big Bets. That costs because, but then you also have a significant payment percentage of 98%. You can also play Monopoly Big Event without Big Bets, but then you play with a payout percentage of 96%. And do you play it in Las Vegas? Then you dive much further down in terms of payment percentage.

What are the 10 Best Paying Pokies? at New Zealand

The value of the Big Bets is in the guarantee of promotion. Big Bets always provide you with one of the features, such as a 5-time multiplier, the Persisting Wilds or even five bonus spins with a 5-time multiplier. The main prize is a quarter of a million dollars.

3. Mega Joker (NetEnt): up to 99%

One of the most played NetEnt pokies is Mega Joker. Fruit machines always do well, also on the internet. Mega Joker also has a very high payout percentage. For that, you have to play with 10 credits per spin and use the Supermeter consistently.

What are the 10 Best Paying Pokies? mobile

The main prize on Mega Joker is not very high at $ 2,000, but luckily there is also a progressive jackpot linked to the Mega Joker pokie. This progressive jackpot regularly increases to $ 100,000 or more. So you can win on Mega Joker not only often but also a lot.

4. Jackpot 6000 (NetEnt) - 98.6%

Jackpot 6000 is also a pokie from NetEnt. The payout percentage of the Jackpot 6000 increases to a maximum of 98.9%. For that, you have to play with the Supermeter at times when you can. You can play via the Supermeter with won credits. Every time you win, you have to continue playing via the Supermeter.

What are the 10 Best Paying Pokies? at CasinoFisher

The maximum win per spin is 6,000 credits. That amounts to € 6,000. You win these 6,000 credits by spinning three jokers or as a mystery win on two jokers.

5. 1429 Uncharted Seas (Thunderkick): 98.6%

Thunderkick takes you on a journey of discovery on the 1429 Uncharted Seas pokie. On the ship, you make your way between mermaids and sea monsters. Prices often fall. 1429 Uncharted Seas has an extremely high payout percentage, but this pokie also has a particularly low variance. That means a lot of prizes, but not too high prizes.

What are the 10 Best Paying Pokies? at New Zealand

The bonus game also often falls. With the compass, you can unlock up to 50 free spins at a time. The bonus game is packed with action because the Expanding Wilds fall extra often. 1429 Uncharted Seas is the ideal pokie if you like to spend a long time with your account balance or if you have a bonus to play around. Please read the bonus conditions carefully in advance. Many casinos label you a cheater when you play your bonus money at 1429 Uncharted Seas.

6. Dr. Jekyll Goes Wild (Scientific Games): 98.2%

Dr. Jekyll Goes Wild is naturally inspired by the story of Dr. Jekyll Goes Wild. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. After some failed tests in his laboratory, Jekyll turns into a ruthless bloodthirsty beast. Scientific Games has made it a particularly attractive online pokie.

What are the 10 Best Paying Pokies? mobile

If you play with the Big Bets, you gamble with a high payout percentage of 98.2%. Don't you do that? Then you have to play with a lean 94 percent. Highlights of the Dr. Jekyll Goes Wild pokie includes the 20 free spins, the Hyde Spins and Super Spins with a higher chance of the bonus. The main prize is $ 250,000, a quarter of a million dollars.

7. Blood Suckers (NetEnt): 98%

Blood Suckers is an almost perfect pokie for playing a casino bonus. That is if the online casino allows it. Many casinos have excluded Blood Suckers from the bonus terms because it is almost certain that you would play your bonus on this pokie. It shows how high the payout percentage is and how low the variance is. Blood Suckers is even more popular than the sequel, Blood Suckers II.

What are the 10 Best Paying Pokies? at CasinoFisher

Blood Suckers is a somewhat older, bloodthirsty online slot. There are two bonus games. The free spins deliver up to a maximum of $ 45,000 per bonus spin. There is also another bonus game where you win money by opening the right coffins.

8. Kings of Chicago (NetEnt): 97.8%

Kings of Chicago is an outsider in terms of gameplay. It is a cross between video poker and an online pokie. Video poker is one of the best paying casino games. The Kings of Chicago pokie is hardly inferior to video poker. The idea is that you play as valuable a poker hand as possible. Have you ever managed to spin a Royal Flush on a pokie? Probably not. It's possible at Kings of Chicago. The Royal Flush is the most lucrative combination.

What are the 10 Best Paying Pokies? at New Zealand

You can grab up to $ 200,000 per payline. You do that in a scenery of 1950s, with Mafiosi from Chicago. Because you are safely at home behind your computer or mobile phone, you don't have to worry. Your profit ends up directly in your account balance.

9. Starmania (NextGen Gaming): 97.8%

Starmania does not have great graphics. Despite the somewhat simple galaxy theme, it still does not look. It seems like a simple computer game from a bygone era. And the bonus game? CasinoFisher would call it almost sleep-inducing. But what does it matter? The power of Starmania is entirely different things.

What are the 10 Best Paying Pokies? mobile

That way, you can win up to 2.5 million dollars per spin. Those are prizes. The total average payout percentage is also seriously high. An RTP of 97.8 percent means that only 8 pokies pay out better than StarMania.


10. Devil’s Delight (NetEnt): 97.6%

Devil’s Delight is an oldie. CasinoFisher means: they are no longer made this way today. And that is correct. The payout percentage of the Devil’s Delight pokie is beautiful and high, namely 97.6 percent.

What are the 10 Best Paying Pokies? at CasinoFisher

Devil’s Delight also has an old-fashioned saving game: the Soul-O-Meter. Every time you let a piano thunder on one of the characters, you get something extra on the Soul-O-Meter. When the Soul-O-Meter is full, play the Sin Spins.

In Short: the Payout Percentage of Pokie

The payout percentage is calculated over millions of spins. Let's take the Blood Suckers slot machine with that excellent, round payout percentage of 98%. This payout percentage of 98% is calculated over many millions of spins.

Let's take Starburst as an example. That is not the best-paying pokie, but it is the most popular online one. The payout percentage is 96.1%. Control takes place, for example on 10 million spins. You have to imagine this as 10 million spins of one dollar each. The total stake is then $ 10,000,000. Starburst returns 96.1 percent, ie $ 9,610,000. Therefore the casino takes $ 390,000. It also means that on average, every spin of $ 1 yields an amount of $ 0.961.

So what is the payout percentage? A payout percentage of, for example, 98% does not guarantee that:

  • You win 98% of your bet every spin. And that is a good thing because by definition you would lose every spin 2% of your bet. The idea of ​​gambling is that one part of your spins does not produce anything and another part of your spins more than you bet.
  • After a night of gambling, you have exactly 98% of the money you started the evening with. And that is just as well. Otherwise, you would lose 2% by definition. The idea of ​​gambling is that if you have succeeded a lot, you end the evening with a lot more money than you had started the evening. And that if you are unlucky, you end the evening with less money or even without anything left on your account balance.
  • You win very high prizes. A high payment percentage may also be due to much smaller prizes. You then have a somewhat higher chance of winning.

Of course, it is true that playing on the best paying pokies means that on average you win the most per spin.

Do you want to play on the best paying online pokies?. You can find them all at Royal Slots.