100 Essential Online Casino Tips

At CasinoFisher, we continuously provide valuable tips to ensure that your playing experience is as enjoyable as possible. And also profitable, although you never know that in advance. There are many things you can look out for yourself to ensure you have a maximum gaming experience with the best chance of winning money at an online casino.

We have listed our 100 best online casino tips for you, divided into categories. This way, you can quickly find the tips you are looking for. And maybe you will pick up some else information here. You even didn't know you wanted to know it, but it is interesting and useful, we are sure.

In addition, we provide a handy guide that can help you ensure that your casino visits remain fun.

General Online Casino Tips

1. All online casinos are happy with you as a new customer. But only good online casinos would like to keep you as a customer. They will, therefore, treat you well and fairly.

2. Do you have a question, a problem, or a complaint? Contact the help desk via live chat or by email. They are there to help you, and the right casino always takes good care of its customers.

3. If you really can't solve a problem with an online casino, you can contact us. Then we will try to resolve the complaint.

4. Look beyond the bonus only if you opt for a new online casino. Issues such as game selection, license, reliability, and speed of payment are much more important than a bonus.

5. Play only casino games from respected software providers such as Netent, Quickspin, Microgaming, Play’n GO, etc. Avoid online casinos where you can only play their own software. This way, you know for sure that the casino games are fair and you have a real chance to win money.

6. Use a good internet connection and a properly functioning computer. No one gets happy with crashes and connection problems.

7. Choose an online casino with a fast loading time and a stable environment. It greatly increases the fun of the game.

8. Also, see how good the mobile version of the gambling site is. The best online casinos invest a lot in the quality of their mobile gambling sites.

9. Do you want a long game of fun? Then play casino games and real money online pokies with low variance. The examples of casino games with a low variance are Blackjack, Video Poker and Roulette (on single odds such as red/black). The pokies with a low variance are Starburst and Goldilocks.

100 Essential Online Casino Tips at CasinoFisher

Pokie Tips

10. The variance of a pokie determines the risk profile. A high variance pokie means high risk, with large prizes. A low variance pokie equals low risk, with many small prizes.

11. You can also play online many pokies that you find in Las Vegas and other land-based casinos. Think, for example of Kronos, Raging Rhino, Bier Haus, and Amazon Queen.

12. The payout percentage is not the same as the hit frequency. The payout percentage is what a pokie repays on average to the player. The hit frequency indicates how often a prize is awarded.

13. Pokies work with a Random Number Generator. It makes it impossible to determine when a pokie will payout.

14. Pokies have no memory. So they do not know how much you have already bet and how much balance you have left. Therefore an online pokie never "cheats."

15. Online pokies run on external servers, which the casino cannot influence. Whether you play at casino A or casino B, your chances of winning are always the same.

16. With progressive jackpots pokies, a large part of your stake (sometimes as much as 8%!) goes to the contribution to the jackpot. That's why it's almost impossible to win on progressive jackpot pokies unless you win the jackpot.

17. Therefore, playing on progressive jackpot pokies is at a record level and with a limited budget.

18. With most progressive pokies, it is not necessary to stake max bet to win the progressive jackpots.

19. Online pokies have higher payout percentages than land-based pokies. Online pokies payout on average between 95% and 99%. Land-based pokies payout 80% to 93%.

20. Netent pokies and online pokies from Quickspin payout, on average, the best of all software providers.

21. Practice an online pokie for free before you start playing with real money. This way, you get a good feeling for the rules and the variance of the pokie.

22. In the game rules, you will find not only the payouts but also how the bonus games work and what the payout percentage is.

23. With some pokies, the payout percentage increases when you bet the bonus. The examples are Royal Frog from Quickspin, Foxin Wins from Nextgen, and Koi Princess from Netent.

24. Pokie tournaments are almost always free. Taking part in them is a fun and exciting way to earn extra money or extra free spins. Keep an eye on your online casino to see if there are any pokie tournaments you can participate in. Grand prizes sometimes go up to 2,000 dollars!

100 Essential Online Casino Tips at New Zealand

Roulette Tips

25. Results from the past do not influence the next spin. Although black has already fallen ten times, the chance that black falls again is just the same as the chance that red falls.

26. Automated roulette tables work with a Random Number Generator. It makes no sense to look for table bias or other deviations

27. European Roulette has a house advantage of 2.7%. American Roulette has a house advantage of 5.26%. Therefore always play European Roulette

28. Exotic Roulette variants such as Lightning Roulette, mini Roulette, or Bonus Roulette always have a higher house advantage - avoid these variants.

29. Winning Roulette systems do not exist, no matter what is promised. And that certainly also applies to the famous Martingale system - you are finally stuck by the table limit.

30. Play Roulette La Partage - the house advantage on these bets is only 1.35%.

100 Essential Online Casino Tips mobile

Blackjack Tips

31. Only playing Blackjack (and Video Poker) you as a player can influence the outcome of the game.

32. The purpose of Blackjack is to win from the dealer. And not, as many players think, to get as close to the 21 as possible without going over it.

33. By timely fitting, splitting, doubling, and buying, you can reduce the house advantage to less than 0.5%.

34. Learn the basic Blackjack strategy to improve your chances of winning substantially.

35. Insurance is never a good option mathematically: the casino earns a lot from this.

36. Always play a Blackjack variant that pays 3: 2 on a Blackjack and never those that pay 1: 1 or 6: 5. It saves percentages in your chances of winning.

37. Do you play live Blackjack? Then you know that your choices in the game do not influence the rest of the game. Don't let the players who interfere with your game intimidate you.

Deposit Money Tips

38. The fastest methods for depositing money are via E-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill.

39. Some online casinos charge surcharges (often a percentage) with certain deposit methods such as credit card and Paysafecard. That means that with these methods, you already start a few percent behind.

40. Depositing via well-known internet banking is a very safe method and always free. The transaction is done through a third party in a protected environment.

41. At some PayPal online casinos, you receive an extra bonus if you deposit money with a particular deposit method.

42. At a reliable online casino, you can always set deposit limits. Use this option if you are susceptible to cash game addiction or if you find yourself losing more than your budget allows.

Cashing out Tips

43. Make sure your account is verified before you start playing - payouts will be processed faster.

44. Always choose an online casino that pays out quickly. You should avoid casinos that take longer than a day to pay you (if your account has been verified).

45. Use the so-called withdrawal lock if the casino offers this. It will prevent you from transferring your payments back to your account before they have been processed. Good online casinos with this handy option are Slots Million and Rizk.

46. ​​There are online casinos that process all payouts within a day, sometimes even within a few hours. Casino Heroes and GUTS Casino are the two examples.

47. Some online casinos offer the possibility to process your deposit more quickly.It is called a manual flush - ask for it at the help desk.

48. View the maximum payouts per transaction and month before you deposit money anywhere.

49. Make a small test payout and see how that process goes before you choose to play for more significant amounts.

100 Essential Online Casino Tips at CasinoFisher

Casino Reliability Tips

50. The most important safety tip: do not work with every online casino. There are many excellent and reliable online casinos, but certainly, also very bad ones that do not pay and provide poor service.

51. Do you have doubts about the reliability of an online casino? Then also go through our list of Blacklisted casinos. If the casino is on this list, you had better avoid it.

52. View our casino reviews. Our team of casino experts extensively tests every online casino and always does that with real money.

53. Only play at online casinos with a reliable casino license. Permits from Malta and the United Kingdom have the best reputation. Anyone can obtain a license from Costa Rica just like that, and therefore it is worth nothing.

54. Always read the terms and conditions, no matter how boring it may sound. Red flags are language errors or poorly written terms, unclear terms, unfair terms, and low maximum payouts per week.

55. Always check how the casino deals with paying out progressive jackpots. Do they pay this out at once (as it should be!) Or do they pay the jackpot in 500 monthly installments (which is unacceptable)?

56. Always contact the helpdesk before you deposit money and ask a more specific question (for example, about the bonus conditions or how quickly they pay out). A right casino will help you with your questions quickly and clearly. An unreliable casino will revolve around it and sometimes even offend you.

57. Do you have a complaint about payment or lousy handling? Make a copy of the chat conversation with the help desk employee. It can serve as a proof in a case you don't get there. At some online casinos, it is possible to email a transcript of chat conversations to yourself.

58. Even if a casino has been around for a long time, it does not necessarily mean that it is also reliable. A casino can switch owners and start to treat players worse.

100 Essential Online Casino Tips at New Zealand

Casino Bonus Tips

59. Casino Welcome bonuses are not always as attractive as they seem - sometimes, there are heavy wagering conditions or maximum payout limits on money won with the bonus.

60. There is a good rule of thumb: the higher the bonus ), the worse the bonus conditions.

61. A casino bonus with a circling condition of more than 40 x is almost impossible to win back.

62. Always check if there is a limit set for winnings from bonus money. You do not want to win 5,000 dollars and find out that you can only be payed a maximum of 4 times your deposit.

63. For casino bonuses, there is usually a maximum bet per spin (often of 5 dollars). Keep this rule, or the casino can take away your bonus money and winnings.

64. For the best chance of unlocking a casino bonus, it is essential to choose a pokie with a high payout percentage and a low to medium variance.

65. A good tactic is to start with a pokie with a medium variance. In the case of a significant win, continue playing on a pokie with a lower variance. Don't do this too obviously.

66. If you are free to choose pokies for free spins, choose ones with the highest value. For example, a free spin on Twin Spin is worth more than a free spin on Starburst. 

67. Always read the bonus conditions carefully before you bet even 1 dollar of the bonus money.

68.. Does a casino have many unclear and vague bonus conditions? Then you actually know enough: this casino is going to do everything to avoid paying out. The best thing is to refuse the bonus or even choose another casino.

69. Play as much as possible at casinos where you first play with your own money and only then with bonus money. If you win a nice amount with your own money, you can cancel the bonus and have the money paid out.

70. Some casinos ask you to play the bonus + deposit several times before bonus money is converted into real cash. These are almost always worse conditions than when you just have to play the bonus round.

71. If you deposit with Neteller or Skrill, check carefully whether you are entitled to the bonus.

72. Many online casinos have a loyalty system that allows you to receive extra free spins, game credits, and more based on your game. Choosing a new online casino take this into account when

73. Have you lost a lot? Please contact the help desk via the live chat. You can usually get an extra bonus.

100 Essential Online Casino Tips mobile

Tips for Winning at a Casino

74. Set a realistic profit target and have this amount paid out as soon as you achieve it.

75. Continue playing only with the amount that remains after you have been paid out your target amount.

76. Always choose games with a low house advantage such as Video Poker, Blackjack, online or live Roulette, or high paying pokies. A game like Dream Catcher seems very nice but has a towering house advantage.

77. Avoid games with a high house advantage such as Keno and progressive jackpot pokies.

78. Do you play Video Poker? Always bet five credits per spin for the best payout percentage.

79. Only use welcome bonuses with a play obligation of 40 x the bonus or less.

80. Many players intend to stop at a rounded amount. Suppose you have deposited 50 NZ dollars to a casino, and you are standing at 190 dollars. You plan to stop at 200 dollars. You then put 190 dollars on the line to win ten more dollars. This is nonsense and not logical - so accept "weird" amounts.

81. Avoid so-called "Sucker Bets": bets that you must place next to a regular bet to have a chance to win an extra prize. They always have a much higher house advantage.

82. Do you play pokies? Then determine your bet per spin based on your available budget. Bet no more than 2% of your deposit, so you have a good chance of winning a bonus round before you run out of balance. If you have deposited 100 dollars, then a bet of a maximum of 2 dollars is a good guideline. 

83. Do not play if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or if you are in an emotional mood.

Account and Security Tips

84. Never create duplicate accounts. If the casino finds out, you will probably get a ban.

85. If you have created a duplicate account by accident, contact the help desk and ask for advice.

86. Many online casinos do not allow you to create more than one account per IP address, household, or address.

87. If your roommate already has an account, contact the help desk and ask for advice.

88. Always use your real name, address, and correct date of birth. If you do not do this, you will not be able to pass through the account verification when paying out, and you will most likely lose your money.

89. Do not send a copy of your passport without checking the citizen service number (BSN). Write the date on the copy and the goal (for example, LeoVegas account verification).

90. Never give your entire card number and CVC code for your credit card.

91. Never give your casino account password over the mail. A casino will never ask for it itself.

Tips for Preventing Game Addiction

92. Winning casino systems do not exist. Don't fall for budding texts and profit guarantees - they all meant to steal your money. If a winning casino system existed, do you think its creator would share his secret with you? Exactly.

93. Casino games are made to make money for the casino. Always keep in mind that you lose at a casino.

94. Determine your budget in advance and stick to it. Never play with borrowed money and do not play at a betting level that you do not feel comfortable with.

95. Say to yourself fixed days and time limits - it will prevent you from losing yourself in the game.

96. If you find yourself lying, neglecting your social contacts, or getting into financial trouble due to your gaming behavior at a casino, there is a chance that you are developing a gambling addiction. Gambling is fun, but never more important than your children, family, and / or relationship.

97. Is your playing behavior problematic? Allow yourself to be totally or temporarily excluded from the online casino. Take action on time. It will prevent you from ending up into a further downward spiral.

98. Don't play too much on the mobile sites of the online casino. Do not play on your mobile device during a break or when you are bored - it may become a terrable habit, 

99. If you fall into old problematic behavior, accept that you are a human, and people make mistakes. Focus on the future and see how you can prevent this behavior.

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