Do Online Pokies Have a Memory?

A question that occupies many players is: can online pokies remember how much money they have paid and adjust their behavior accordingly?

In other words: if a player stands to lose, can pokies compensate the player with a nice payout? And vice versa, of course, the same applies: can slots “punish” a player who stands for a lot of profit by giving nothing or little for a long time?

CasinoFisher regularly receives emails where online casino players ask us this important and very relevant question. It is therefore high time to delve deeper into this issue and to answer once and for all whether (online) pokies can remember what was won or lost and whether they could influence future gameplay with that information. And, suppose it is (or is not), what can you do with that information?

In order to be able to answer this question properly, we must first understand how online pokies work

How Does an Online Pokie Work?

To find out whether an online pokie actually has a memory, we must first determine how an online pokie works. What is essential to know is that what you see on the screen after a spin is nothing more than the visual representation of the outcome of the bet you made with the casino.

In other words: the winning combination that you see is the result of the outcome of the spin.

For example, you see 3 cherries on an active payline that pay out 10 times the stake. The pokie has first determined that you have won 10 times your bet and only then decided that this is reflected in the 3 cherries that you see on the reels.

The result of a bet on a pokie has 3 possible outcomes:

  • You win more than your bet;
  • You get your bet back;
  • You lose (part of) your bet.

The result is settled with your casino balance.

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An Example with the Starburst Pokie

Let us analyze an arbitrary spin on an online pokie based on an example. In this example, we have chosen the Starburst pokie from Netent, but this principle applies to every other online video pokie.

Starburst is a pokie with 10 fixed paylines. We play with a coin value of 0.20 dollars per payline, which amounts to a total bet of 2 dollars per spin.

We can analyze the turn shown above as follows:

  • You have chosen the Starburst pokie
  • You choose a bet of 2 dollars (this is the bet)
  • You win 29.20 dollars (the result)
  • You have received some winning combinations with the orange symbol in combination with the wild roll (the visual representation of the result)
  • The casino settles the result of the bet with your account balance (+ 29.20 dollars)
  • The net outcome of this bet is 27.20 dollars profit (29.20 dollars - / - 2.00 dollars bet)

Pay attention! The pokie therefore first determined the outcome of the bet (the 29.20 dollars) and then placed the symbols on the screen in a corresponding combination.

Every spin can be made unique in this way: you place a bet, there is a result (win, money back or loss), and the screen gives a visual representation of the outcome. Your account balance will be updated with the result of the spin on the Starburst pokie.

The bet is now complete.

You can then choose to place a bet again by pressing the spin button. Of course, you can also leave the game with the winnings or start another game.

But How Does the Online Pokie Know if You Have Won?

How can the pokie determine if you have won or lost? That is the moment that the Random Number Generator does its job.

This Random Number Generator, which we will now call RNG for convenience, is the heart of every online pokie.

The RNG generates millions of unique numbers within a microsecond. A game outcome is linked to each unique number.

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For example:

  • Number 1 = A payout of 10 x the bet (win of 9 x the bet)
  • Number 2 = A payout of 3 x the bet (win of 2 x the bet)
  • Number 3 = A payout of 1 x the bet (you get the bet back)
  • Number 4 = A payout of 0.5 x the bet (you lose 0.5 x the bet)
  • Number 5 = A payment of 0 x the bet (you lose the entire bet)
  • Etc.

In total, depending on the complexity of the pokie, there are millions of possible numbers, and therefore millions of possible results.

What Happens as Soon as You Press the Spin Button?

The moment you press the spin button, the RNG randomly selects one unique number from these millions of numbers.

A fixed outcome (for example, 6 x payment of the stake) is linked to this unique number. Then the pokie translates the result into a visual representation - the symbols that appear on the screen and their specific location on the reels.

There are millions of different numbers that the RNG chooses and with those millions of different ways to win - or lose. The casino earns money from the bets, so there are more losing than winning outcomes. The payout percentage of the pokie is determined by comparing these different outcomes with each other,

As a result, the online pokie will always generate a profit for the casino in the long term. If the RNG chooses many positive outcomes for the player, he will win money.

But in the long run, the statistical variance (the peaks and troughs in the game) will be smoothed out in the long term in favor of the online casino.

Does an Online Pokie Have a Memory?

The Random Number Generator determines its next selection completely randomly and independently of each previous spin.The RNG is independent and cannot be in

fluenced. In essence, the RNG is a stupid computer that only spits out numbers. The RNG only performs an assignment: generating random, unique numbers.

Therefore, the answer to the question of whether online pokies have memory is NO.

An online pokie has no memory.

The pokie cannot find out what has been won or by which player. The pokie can neither decide to give you more winning combinations to compensate for losses nor close the tap if you are in a big win.

And for the record: that's a good thing too. The last thing you want is to play on a pokie that can be manipulated by outsiders. You want a fair chance to beat the casino, and the independence of the RNG is indispensable.

In theory, a player may win the highest jackpot twice in a row, since the RNG has no idea what has just been won. Of course, such a chance is bizarre, but it is possible.

Can Online Casinos Cause You to Lose?

Online casinos themselves do not have access to the games they offer. Gambling sites only act as a conduit. They are only an intermediary between the player and the casino game.

The servers running online pokies and their Random Number Generators are not located at the casino, but at the game provider, such as Netent, Microgaming and Quickspin.

Therefore, the casino does not influence you winning - or losing. The only role that the casino has is facilitating the player: they take care of the payment traffic, the help desk, and the links with the games. They also reward players with bonuses, free spins, and promotions.

Remember that all casino games have a built-in house advantage, so you always lose money in the long run.

How Can I Improve My Chances of Winning?

Although it is not possible to influence the RNG in favor of the player, you can positively influence your chances of winning.

There are a number of tips that you can use to significantly improve your chances of winning online pokies. These are the most important tips:

Avoid Progressive Pokies

Do not play progressive jackpot pokies such as Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune - a large part of your stake (between 5% and 8%) goes to the jackpot, which you never win.

Only Play Pokies with a High Payout Percentage

Play only pokies with a high payout percentage. We advise you to look for a pokie with a payout percentage of 97% or more. On our pokies finder, you can select, among other things, the payout percentage, so you can see at a glance which pokies pay out the best.

Avoid Pokies with Too Low Variance

Avoid pokies with very low variance. These are pokies that pay out many small prizes, often less than the stake. It is extremely difficult to win on these types of pokies because they are designed to keep players playing. With low variance pokies, the bonus features often fall, but as a rule, they rarely pay well.

Only Use Casino Bonuses with a Low Playing Condition

Take advantage of a casino bonus with low playing conditions. The welcome bonus from Oranje Casino only needs to be wagered 15 times before it is released. At this casino, it is advisable to take the maximum welcome bonus of 100 dollars, because the chance that you can play this 100 dollars (or part of it) freely is huge.